Crianlarich – Forest track construction & harvesting – 1st May to 31st October 2023

Ewich Forest

A new forest access track will be constructed in the south of Ewich forest, crossing the Drovers Loop and West Highland Way footpaths. The footpaths will be largely unaffected, however temporary closures will be in place when working close to the paths. Banksmen will be in place and barriers erected to ensure public safety is maintained.

Timber harvesting is scheduled to commence on 5th June until 31st October in the Northern area adjacent to the West Highland Way. The felled areas will be replanted with a mix of trees including Sitka spruce, Norway spruce, Scots pine and native silver birch, oak, rowan, cherry, willow and alder. Areas of unplanted open ground will be left adjacent to footpaths and watercourses.

The work will not usually take place during weekends, but may occur in the evening to avoid disruption to path users. At times it will be necessary for vehicles to cross and operate close to footpaths.

Following discussion with the National Park Authority, footpaths will feature short, localised diversions to ensure safety – these will be kept to a minimum wherever possible.

Important – Please do not approach machinery or vehicles until the operator has signalled they have seen you and follow local diversions / guidance from the foresters.

Advance warning notices will be displayed on all known access points in the forest.

Ewich Forest map

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