Tick Bite Prevention Week 2022

Image showing ticks

Tick Bite Prevention Week –  Thu 24th Mar – Wed 30th Mar 2022

The arrival of Spring and start of the main walking season also brings the return of a less welcome visitor: ticks.

There are several other sources of information on ticks and Lyme Disease including from Health Protection Scotland or Lyme Resource Centre.

A group of researchers from the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (www.cvr.ac.uk) are also collecting data on where ticks are across Scotland so, if you are bitten, please email them with your location and a picture if possible to cvr-viruses-tick@glasgow.ac.uk. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook @VirusesTickCVR.

They also wrote a blog for Tick Bite prevention week last year.

Latest updates: https://www.westhighlandway.org/notices/ Please Think, Check and Plan ahead.

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