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Welcome to the official West Highland Way website

A listing on our  accommodation and services page offers a great opportunity to reach thousands of visitors from across the world, who are preparing to walk the Way. Listings run for one year and are available for accommodation providers, baggage carrying services, pubs, restaurants and service providers associated with the Way.

By listing your business here you are helping to contribute towards the on going maintenance and management of the West Highland Way.

There are three listing levels:

  • Small business (up to 3 bedrooms)
  • Medium business (4 – 6 bedrooms, bag carrying, booking services, restaurants, cafes, transport providers or publishers)
  • Larger business (6+ bedrooms or visitor attraction)

Steps to creating your listing:

  1. Choose your listing level and complete your details on the following page
  2. You will receive a registration email with login details – please keep these, you will need them to make payment once your listing has been approved
  3. We will review your listing and email you once it has been approved with instructions on how to pay for your listing
  4. Once your listing has been paid for, we will make it visible on our website
  5. We’ll email you again in a year’s time to remind you about re-booking your listing

If you have already submitted a listing, you can manage it here.

You can also apply to become a Passport point or sign up to receive email updates from us below.

Latest updates: Please Think, Check and Plan ahead.

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