WHW and Covid19/Coronavirus

Please follow the latest national guidance on social distancing and essential travel and DO NOT walk the West Highland Way at this time.

Whilst some lockdown restrictions will begin to ease in Scotland from 28 May with Phase 1 of the route map outlined by the Scottish Government, the majority of car parks, toilets, shops, restaurants, accommodation and other facilities remain closed, particularly in rural areas.

The relevant guidance says:
  •  we are planning to allow unrestricted outdoors exercise adhering to distancing measures and non-contact outdoor activities in your local area – such as golf, hiking, canoeing, outdoor swimming, angling
  • You may travel a short distance, on foot, by bike or by car, for recreational purposes but should stick to your local area.
  • You must observe social distancing and hygiene guidance at all times.
As long stretches of the West Highland Way are within the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, please read their advice to visitors.
The West Highland Way Management Group is monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and following advice from the Scottish Government and the NHS.  We recommend that you do the same.
Any further updates will be added to this page
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Updated: 28/05/2020

Wildfire warnings

Scottish Fire & Rescue have issued warnings about the high risk of wild fire due to prolonged dry and windy weather that we have been experiencing. For further information please see here

Added: 21/04/2020

WHW Diversion for Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting works will be taking place from Craigievern to the Millburn area at Garadhban at the end of March 2020. All trail networks North of the car park barrier will be closed of to keep all members of the public out of the active harvesting site.

The West Highland way will have to be diverted during this time and the Millburn trail will be closed.

Please see map attached for further information.

Added: 17/03/2020

WHW 40th Anniversary Workshops

Thank you to everyone who attended the business workshop at Milngavie Golf Club on 4 March.  We are looking forward to welcoming businesses to Fort William for the second workshop on 11 March

Further information will be sent out in due course but, if you have any queries in the meantime, please email

Added: 09/03/2020

Closure at Balmaha Visitor Centre

Balamaha Visitor Centre will be closed from Monday 20th January until the end of March 2020.

This is to facilitate improvements to the Visitor Centre facilities, including an upgrade and reconfiguration of the toilets, increasing the number of toilets available, and installing new smart bins to reduce litter and cut down our carbon footprint.

While we recognise that closures are not ideal, this work is being scheduled to minimise impact as much as possible and will be completed ahead of the busy summer season.

While the improvement works are ongoing alternative toilet facilities can be found nearby at the Oak Tree Inn or at Milarrochy Bay.

You can read more about the works at:


Added: 21st January 2020


The West Highland Way between Inversnaid and Crianlarich sustained some storm damage at the end of Summer 2019. The section has remained open, however extra care should be taken especially in poor weather conditions.

Please follow the diversion signs that maybe in place on this section due to any repair work taking place.

Useful numbers:

Any further updates will be placed on

Updated: 19/02/2020

Timber Harvesting – Garadbhan Forest

The West Highland Way will be diverted at the entrance to Garadhban Car Park from 14th October until January 2020 to allow walkers to avoid the area where timber harvesting work is being carried out. This diversion will not extend the walking time of the long distance trail. Please obey all site signage and advice from any on site operators during this time.

Added: 4th October 2019

Timber Harvesting – Duntreath

Timber operations are due to start towards the end of the week commencing 24th June on Duntreath Estate. There is a section of the site that requires an access road for timber lorries to cross over the West Highland Way. Please see map below showing the areas of operations.

Contractors will ensure that all approaches, on the path and access road, have the appropriate warning signs in place and will continuously monitor these to ensure they stay in place.

Added: 25th June 2019

Top up taps installed on West Highland Way

Scottish Water have installed a top up tap in Milngavie at the start of the West Highland Way and another in Fort William at the end of the route.

See video here to find out more!

                                                 Added: 2nd April 2019

Livestock on West Highland Way

Please be aware that sections of the route go through working farms where livestock will be present, not all sections are able to have diversions.

Please pay particular attention when walking with dogs as there will be sheep with lambs and cows with calves along the route. Both can be easily disturbed and also could potentially be a danger, see advice below:

The information below is a short summary of the key things to remember from the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

The Access Code says:

Access rights apply to people walking dogs as long as their dogs are kept under proper control. Your main responsibilities are:

  • Farm animals:
    • Never let your dog worry or attack farm animals.
    • Don’t take your dog into fields where there are lambs, calves or other young farm animals.
    • If you go into a field of farm animals, keep your dog(s) on a short lead or under close control and keep as far as possible from the animals.
    • If cattle react aggressively and move towards you, keep calm, let the dog go and take the shortest, safest route out of the field.

For further information see the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website here

Scottish Six Day Trials

The Scottish Six Day Trials are an annual event which has taken place in the area around Fort William since 1977.

The event itself has little impact on the West Highland Way, but you are likely to come across spectators who may use the path to access the Trials route. You may find that while the Trials are taking place, Fort Williams can be busy with spectators and support crews.

You can find more information on the trials at

Keep it clean

Our forests are at risk from tree pest and diseases. Tree diseases can travel. That’s not new but the increase in global trade and the impacts of climate change mean the foresters are tackling an increasing number of problems at once.

Pests and diseases can hitch a ride in mud and debris on your shoes, dog’s paws and bike tyres, ending up in new forests. We’re doing everything we can but we need your help too.

Before a forest visit, make sure you’ve cleaned your shoes, your bike, your kit and your dog too.

This helps slow disease spread, preserving our woodlands now and for future generations. Together we can help control the spread of diseases.

For more information visit


Please follow the latest national guidance, stay safe and DO NOT walk the West Highland Way at this time. Our office is currently closed in light of Covid-19/Coronavirus.