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Peatland restoration between Inveroran and Kingshouse

Excavator undertaking peatland restoration

Important peatland restoration work is underway near the West Highland Way between Inveroran and Kingshouse.

The first phase of work started on 7th August and will finish by December.  Although there should be minimal impact on the West Highland Way, excavators may be crossing it to reach the site at times and you may be asked to wait for a moment to ensure your safety.

The work aims to restore the local peatland ecosystem, known as blanket bog. 13% of the world’s blanket bog is found in Scotland and it supports our society in a multitude of ways. Formed through the accumulation of partially decomposed plant matter in water-logged conditions, peatland stores more than 30 times the amount of carbon in all our trees and forests and 70% of Scotland’s drinking water filters through peatland dominated catchments. It also supports unique biodiversity, including several species of protected birds.

Peatland restoration projects, such as these, are aiding Scotland’s fight against the climate and biodiversity crises we currently face.

This project is supported by the Scottish Government’s Peatland ACTION Fund delivered in partnership with NatureScot and other agencies.

NatureScot Peatland Action logo

If you wish to find out more about this project, please contact Fernanda White at

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