West Highland Way Fundraiser

Kimberly sat on a fence with mountains behind

On 6 October, Kimberly Mauser is setting off on a solo adventure to walk the 96 miles/154 km of the West Highland Way – whilst raising funds to support the trail itself!

Kimberly said, “After some significant life events, I have decided to start the next chapter stripped down to my essence as a human and rewild. Weaving through the majestic Scottish highlands, the WHW is the ultimate host.

Officially opened on 6 October 1980, the WHW stretches from Glasgow to the foot of Ben Nevis and over 40,000 people walk the whole route annually, plus the same again visit for day trips or short breaks. As you can imagine, this amount of traffic has a significant impact on the trail.

To support the preservation of this beloved long distance trail, I invite you to help me raise £500 for the West Highland Way Organization whose job is to maintain and preserve the trail for many visitors to come. Every penny counts, your donation is much appreciated!

How will I fare as a solo female hiker, camping in the Scottish Highlands?
– Will I make it to Fort William?
– Will I encounter the famous Highland Coo?
– How many miles does it take to walk off Whisky hangovers?


I’ll be posting photos and videos so you can follow along- join my adventure here !”


If you want to help Kimberly reach her target, you can find her page on GoFundMe.

The West Highland Way Management Group is very grateful to Kimberly for undertaking this challenge and to everyone who supports her fundraising.

Kimberly: unplug_rewild
West Highland Way: westhighlandwayofficial
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